[Nipy-devel] neurospin script - plot_activations_simplepanel.py

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Sun Jan 17 17:27:48 CST 2010


> Ah, i see.. maybe i was aiming at the dumb-user, dumb-developer ~ Fits my
> style better. :-)

I have written some bad and unclear code in my time, and come to
regret it when I had to go back and fix it.  But I can honestly say
that I cam completely unable to see how you could claim that that code
was written with aim that anyone else would read it.   Let's not talk
too much about the dumb-user and dumb-developer, let's try and write
clear, well documented code with good test coverage.

> Done that. I removed every files (found only 2 actually) which crucially
> relies on pynifti. If I forgot some, please remove it.

Thank you  - that's helpful.

>> or I will spend half a day trying
>> to untangle the logic enough to do the port.  But, I'd rather not do
>> that, because it's not a pleasant task...
> Yes; it's never a pleasant task to read other people code. That's why nobody
> does it.

I wrote very little of NIPY; I spend most of my NIPY time reading and
working on other people's code.  It can be a pleasant experience and I
often learn a lot.  It's the only way we are going to get better as a
coding community, if we learn to learn from each other,

See you,


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