[Nipy-devel] Request for testing

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Tue Jan 19 14:45:47 CST 2010


Gael, Dav in particular?

There's a new routine in nipy.io.imageformats called
'as_closest_canonical', that is designed to reorder an image data
matrix so that it is as close as possible to canonical (XYZ) order -
for your visualization pleasure.  As in:

import nipy.io.imageformats as nii
sag_img = nii.load('sagittal.nii')
ax_img = nii.as_closest_canonical(sag_img)

It's in lp:~nipy-developers/nipy/trunk-mb

Does it work?  I'd be very grateful for your testing feedback...

See you,


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