[Nipy-devel] nipype running on lenny

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Thu Jan 28 17:19:34 CST 2010


>> By "several tools" you are of cause not referring to some personal
>> projects but to the packages in Debian proper that would be negatively
>> affected by an upload to unstable.  I would be curious to learn which
>> packages these are so I could volunteer to ease the transition by
>> providing patches via bugreports.
> kudos for phrasing of my not-so-polite at that moment thoughts in
> such a rhetoric and non-offensive fashion go to Michael!
> There are pluses in having a psychology major after all ;)

Yes, it's well phrased, I also offer kudos.  I wonder though, whether
it might be helpful at this point to send a conciliatory email on the
lines of 'maybe we got off on the wrong foot, I really would like to
a) understand the problem and b) help '

and so on...?

I also offer kudos to the whole Debian discipline thing, I can see it
can be frustrating, but the whole structure is pretty impressive.

See you,


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