[Nipy-devel] nipype running on lenny

Yaroslav Halchenko lists@onerussian....
Thu Jan 28 17:35:15 CST 2010

On Thu, 28 Jan 2010, Matthew Brett wrote:
> Yes, it's well phrased, I also offer kudos.  I wonder though, whether
> it might be helpful at this point to send a conciliatory email on the
> lines of 'maybe we got off on the wrong foot, I really would like to
> a) understand the problem and b) help '

> and so on...?
may be, but I've already invested too much time today into it.  Since
Cyril has mentioned '2 weeks' -- that when I am planing to make a new
interaction... not sure what form it will take -- from a reminder to
just 0-day NMU.  Also

a) there is no problem imho -- as I see it, the maintainer just wants to keep
unstable in a shape so he could use it for his personal projects which he has
no time to make compatible with recent release of networkx; even though both
things are not tightly coupled

b) help was offered in every possible form already - from a notice that
new upstream is available, to NMU. I am really not sure what else I
could offer to help

> I also offer kudos to the whole Debian discipline thing, I can see it
> can be frustrating, but the whole structure is pretty impressive.

Yes -- Debian is quite a big and unique project in many respects.  It is
not surprising that it becomes a subject of research: 

| Research overview
| I investigate the use and adoption (or rejection) of tools and techniques
| in the Debian Project. Specifically, I am investigating why some approaches to
| packaging and package maintenance spread very quickly, while others never get
| more than a few users.
| The question of why people adopt or reject innovations is at the core of
| diffusion research. Diffusion research is a busy field with thousands of
| studies seeking to find out what causes adoption and rejection of ideas, tools,
| techniques, products, strategies, and theories in a multitude of social
| systems.
| The social system I investigate is the group of Debian package
| maintainers, but my research is equally applicable to most other FLOSS
| projects, which are characterised by voluntary involvement, global cooperation,
| and high levels of interdependency. I chose Debian because of my background and
| motivation for this research.

But indeed, as you have mentioned, socializing within Debian community gets
harsh at times; but otherwise what other efficient means do we have to
make judgments about different 'random guys'? ;)

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