[Nipy-devel] Nipype 0.3.4 release

Yaroslav Halchenko lists@onerussian....
Wed Jan 12 14:15:09 CST 2011

Thank you Gael for the hint and confirming the vital function of
releases ;)

would you recommend any previous point tree-ish, where API is known to
be sufficiently similar to current one and functionality is more stable,
i.e. have been used without major issues (I will have to exclude some
unittests, such as test_slice_from_3d, anyways from testing during build
since they never passed)

On Wed, 12 Jan 2011, Gael Varoquaux wrote:

> On Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 01:36:16PM -0500, Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:

> > On Wed, 12 Jan 2011, Chris Filo Gorgolewski wrote:
> > > * ENH: Added support to nipy: GLM fit, contrast estimation and
> > > calculating mask from EPI
> > is there any specific version requirement for NiPy compatibility?

> > may be it is time yet for another non-official NiPy snapshot release (in
> > terms of Debian package), since current one 0.1.2+20100526 sounds old.

> Yes, that would be great. Actually last time I looked (August) I thought
> that we were in a fairly reasonnable and was hoping for a release soon.
> The current situation is not perfect with a tests failing (see PS), but in my
> opionion, there is still value in packaging the code.

> Thanks for all your packaging work,

> Gaël

> PS: Test failing

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