[Nipy-devel] Fresh Debian package for Nipy: 0.1.2+20110114-1

Yaroslav Halchenko lists@onerussian....
Mon Jan 17 10:01:42 CST 2011

Hi to all Nipyers,

Since Nipype now unconditionally requires Nipy (just try building the
documentation without ;-)), there were no chance to escape a fresh Debian
release of Nipy snapshot, which has been our tradition since 2009 iirc.

Besides what got already absorbed into master, it carries few additional
patches (I have submitted pull-requests for them but they are yet to
be merged):

    - 0001-make-few-classes-new-style-derive-from-object.patch
    - 0002-make-classes-without-new-style-derive-from-object.patch
    - 0003-import-similarity_measures-as-_sms-in-histogram_regi.patch

In this Debian release of Nipy I finally enabled unittesting during
building the package.  But what gave me more grief than joy is pinning
down the tests which are inconsistently failing.  It would be great if
those made more robust (or if creates random data -- just decorate
test so it is ran multiple times and allowed to fail once), or just be
easy to exclude altogether (in PyMVPA we call those labile, and can
exclude them from testing using env variable).  So here is the list (it
start with tests which are known to fail consistently):

    test_slice_from_3d, test_screen, test_lips3_disjoint, test_mu2tet,
    test_input_effects, test_same_basis, test_fullrank, test_ec,
    test_apply_affine, test_lips1_disjoint, test_dtrsm

N.B. I keep fingers crossed that no new ones appear during builds across
     architectures within Debian farm.

So, now an up-to-date Nipy is available for Debian squeeze and sid,
Ubuntu: 09.10, 10.10.  As a side effect also backported packages of sympy are
available from neuro.debian.net repository.

Keep in touch                                     www.onerussian.com
Yaroslav Halchenko                 www.ohloh.net/accounts/yarikoptic

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