[Nipy-devel] Setup.py and platform specific shared objects

Eleftherios Garyfallidis garyfallidis@gmail....
Tue Jan 18 06:03:45 CST 2011

On Tue, Jan 18, 2011 at 5:15 AM, Yaroslav Halchenko <lists@onerussian.com>wrote:

> ok -- pushed packaging in debian branch on my gh clone of dipy -- pretty
> much ready, besides pruning installation of nisext (also installed by
> nibabel, and since it is dependency anyways, we could keep it there
> until nisext gets its own package).
> Cool.

> somewhat remaining point is the examples illustrations -- since they
> build from source it seems to require present X DISPLAY for VTK
> rendering; thus it is not acceptable for Debian package building.  for
> now I just patched away generation of those images for -doc Debian
> package, but may be you would consider keeping those few pregenerated
> in GIT ? (may be separate branch...)
> There is only one command that shows the visualization and that is
fvtk.show which we could comment if that makes your job easier.

> On Thu, 13 Jan 2011, Eleftherios Garyfallidis wrote:
> >      external dependencies (e.g. nibabel) probably should not be a part
> >      of it, but rather, upon demand easily installable (easy_install,
> >      unless
> >      OS provides them via system-level tools, e.g. apt on Debian systems)
> >    We should definitely make a debian package for dipy. There is no doubt
> >    about that.
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