[Nipy-devel] Community web pages repo moved to github

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Sat Jan 22 19:53:45 CST 2011


> there is a particular way to set it up on github such that a push
> automatically updates the site. fernando knows a lot more about this and the
> quirks of github's webserver in relation to sphinx. it's been a while since
> i looked into it and may be github has resolved the quirks.
> i'll take a look at it again, but i don't see a reason to switch
> immediately.


The github per-repository pages are - to me - a little baroque,
requiring static pages in a repository-within-a-repository branch
'gh-pages' in the main repo.

The per-user pages are much simpler - we just put the pages in a repo
called nipy.github.com - but then again, we'd have to manage all the
separate project pages within one repo.   By default the repo will
keep the history, which could get big if we update the pages often.

At the moment, scp / rsync to sourceforge seems OK to me.  If someone
feels strongly about it, please feel free to make a nipy.github.com
repository with the pages and some instructions how to update them,
and then we can see if that looks better.

See you,


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