[Nipy-devel] RE : Latest and greatest in visualization of MRI data?

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Tue Jan 25 12:13:28 CST 2011


> Would it please be possible to bypass the moderation thing when I post to the nipy list ? I don't post much on it, but each time I do, my messages get through the next day when they are no longer needed nor expected, so I cannot really participate during discussions.
> I promise I won't post spam or advertisement for strange paramedical products...

If I see it quickly I can (just did) pseudo-subscribe your email
address so that it can reach nipy-devel .   I think it just happened
that you were posting while I was asleep.  If anyone in a European
time zone wants admin permissions to the list they are welcome, just
let me know.

Easiest of course, is to subscribe :)

See you,


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