[Nipy-devel] Community web pages repo moved to github

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Thu Jan 27 20:00:53 CST 2011

> ---
> each project can maintain their docs under their gh-pages (see
> pages.github.com for instructions). for example, see nipy.github.com/nipype
> the main nipy.github.com can maintain the community website that matthew has
> moved over to github and point to these individual project pages.
> ---
> having setup gh-pages, this is what i needed to do to update it for nipype
> git checkout master
> cd doc
> make html
> rsync -auv _build/html /tmp/.
> git checkout gh-pages
> rsync -auv /tmp/html/. .

With the disadvantage that you carry a lot of cruft in your main repo
'gh-pages' branch, including - unless you do more work - the history
off all your generated documentation, that has to be cloned with your
repo, and your Makefile target is more complicated and error-prone
than the current rsync to sourceforge.

I don't think there's a reason to move now, personally.  It would I
think be a shame to move half of the projects, because the sourceforge
doc links will break, and it will get untidy.

If anyone needs sourceforge permissions and doesn't have them, just
let me or Jarrod or someone know.

I think we should drop this one as not-that-important for now.


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