[Numpy-discussion] ANNOUNCE (Numeric): Some RPMS and a GIST interface I use regularly.

Travis Oliphant Oliphant.Travis at mayo.edu
Wed Aug 9 17:18:02 CDT 2000

Just letting interested people know that I've made RPM's of the Python
interface to all of Lapack originally written by Doug Heisterkamp and
modified by Konrad Hinsen (Konrad, you may have already made these ---
please let me know if you have).

(Under Numerical Python RPMS at)

Also, I've released a module I use regularly for interactive plotting with
Gist.  It makes it much more "MATLAB" like:

from Mplot import *
legend(['Line1',Line2'])  # will prompt you for a place to put it.
xlabel("some label")
ylabel("other label")

You can also do subplots with the module using gist.plsys to change
between subplots.  I use it everyday and thought others might be
interested in it.  It's not well documented at this point, though.

Needed files:

The latter file allows one to construct a gist style file from a
Python nested dictionary which is needed for changing the color and style
of the axis system.


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