[Numpy-discussion] VSIPL?

Janko Hauser jhauser at ifm.uni-kiel.de
Mon Aug 14 07:43:13 CDT 2000

Just by chance I found the link to an ANSI-C library which looks
interesting in the light of the reimplementation of NumPy. The link is:


I can not decide, if the design decisions made by the authors of this
library or this spec are good or not. But they mention a lot of topics
coming up on this list from time to time, like different views of the
data space, gather/scatter, interfacing to Fortran. Are there people
on the list, which do know this library and the possible problems or
merits of it? This library was used as an positive design example in a
discussion about the GSL.

Regarding the redesign, I often get confused, because there are so
many libraries, which do all implement there own vector/matrix/tensor
definitions, so the question is, if the new NumPy should have more
characteristics of an interface, so that the underlying numeric engine
could be changed. Would it help in such a case to wrap a library as a
first proof of concept?



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