[Numpy-discussion] ANNOUNCE (Numeric): Some RPMS and a GISTinterface I use regularly.

Travis Oliphant Oliphant.Travis at mayo.edu
Tue Aug 15 13:41:10 CDT 2000

> Oliphant.Travis at mayo.edu said:
> > Also, I've released a module I use regularly for interactive plotting
> > with Gist.  It makes it much more "MATLAB" like: 
> These use your gist version 11 rpms, right? What's the status of the gist 
> pakage in the Release 15 series? I've got some arrays in numpy that I'm 
> writing to a text file and plotting in yorick.

There have been no changes that I know of to the gist interface since
Release 11 and so those are current.  Eventually, the RPM's will need to
be recompiled, but that has not happened yet.

Writing to a text file sounds a little bit indirect but if it works for

Best wishes,


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