[Numpy-discussion] Announce: Pyfort 6.0

Paul F. Dubois pauldubois at home.com
Sat Aug 26 22:49:51 CDT 2000

There is a new Pyfort on SourceForge.

Type pyfort with no arguments to get usage info.

Incompatible change required:
   Remove the module/end module pair of statements from your .pyf

Documentation: in pdf and HTML at http://pyfortran.sourceforge.net.

See the project page at http://sourceforge.net/projects/pyfortran for
downloading Pyfort-6.0.tar.gz.

The new version builds and installs extensions in just one line. For
if you have created an input file mydiagostic.pfy, using Fortran library
libmydiags.a located in directory /myhouse, then

pyfort -i -l mydiags -L /myhouse mydiagnostic.pyf

makes mydiagnostic.so and installs in Python's site-packages directory
(assuming you have write permission there).

It is now much easier to figure out how to add a "compiler id" for a new
I wouldn't say it is completely easy, but it is "easier". I hope people will
post patches to fortran_compiler.py to add their favorites.

I have only tested the Linux g77 / pgf77 combinations. pgf90 (Portland Group
F90, Linux), g77alpha (g77 on an alpha chip)and solaris (Sun Solaris
Fortran) "should" work.

Numeric Python, and 0.9 or better Distutils are assumed; see documentation
for details.

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