[Numpy-discussion] lapack_lite

Paul F. Dubois pauldubois at home.com
Mon Aug 28 06:56:56 CDT 2000

That would be me, and it is fixed now. I had done a cvs add, and created a
directory and put stuff in it, but I think I moved it to a different name
temporarily for a test and didn't put it back, so when I did the commit it
was missed.

I also had missed adding one file and needed to repair the setup files for a
three-digit distutils version - a stupid error on my part.

Jack, I will add you to the developer list so you can check in your macisms.

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> The lapack_lite directory is empty in the sourceforge repository. And
> according to the build docs it shouldn't be. Could whoever has
> the contents
> please check them in, or (if they should come from a different
> place) please
> tell me where to find them?
> Right now I can't build from the repository, and I'd like to get Numeric
> working with the latest release for MacPython 2.0.
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