[Numpy-discussion] lapack_lite

Jack Jansen jack at oratrix.nl
Mon Aug 28 07:30:01 CDT 2000

> That would be me, and it is fixed now. I had done a cvs add, and created a
> directory and put stuff in it, but I think I moved it to a different name
> temporarily for a test and didn't put it back, so when I did the commit it
> was missed.


> Jack, I will add you to the developer list so you can check in your macisms.

Okay, great. I'll probably stick with Mac subdirectories on the toplevel and 
lapack-lite level which will contain the mac project files (and possibly any 
config header files or so, but I think Numeric didn't need them last time 

I've also started ansifying the numeric stuff for Python 2.0 (mainly taking 
out the Py_PROTO and Py_FPROTO macros, which have disappearded) but I won't 
check that in right now (I don't know whether you want to do a 
Numeric-for-Python-1.6 distribution, and I don't remember whether 1.6 was 
fully ansified), but let me know when/if you want this checked in.
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