[Numpy-discussion] RE: Numpy

Paul F. Dubois dubois at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Dec 5 18:03:01 CST 2000

This was a patch that I put in before making this release. If you get 17.1.1
it won't be in there.

Developers -- I'm busy right now with the Python conference; can someone fix
this for me and make a new distribution?

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From: Lila Chase [mailto:chase at tc05.llnl.gov]
Sent: Tuesday, December 05, 2000 3:45 PM
To: dubois1 at llnl.gov
Subject: Numpy

Paul,  First attempt at installing Numeric Python on Teracluster; fails.

tc05:/usr/tmp/chase/Numeric-17.1.2[407] !393
python setup_all.py install
running install
running build
running build_py
not copying Lib/ArrayPrinter.py (output up-to-date)
not copying Lib/Numeric.py (output up-to-date)
not copying Lib/Precision.py (output up-to-date)
not copying Lib/UserArray.py (output up-to-date)
not copying Lib/numeric_version.py (output up-to-date)
running build_ext
building '_numpy' extension
skipping Src/_numpymodule.c
(build/temp.osf1-V4.0-alpha-2.0/Src/_numpymodule.o up-to-date)
cc -O -Olimit 1500 -IInclude -I/g/g16/chase/include/python2.0 -c
Src/arrayobject.c -o build/temp.osf1-V4.0-alpha-2.0/Src/arrayobject.o
cc: Error: Src/arrayobject.c, line 79: The switch statement containing this
case label already has a case label for "8". (dupcase)
            case sizeof(double):
error: command 'cc' failed with exit status 1

int do_sliced_copy(char *dest, int *dest_strides, int *dest_dimensions,
                   int dest_nd, char *src, int *src_strides,
                   int *src_dimensions, int src_nd, int elsize,
                   int copies) {
        int i, j;

        if (src_nd == 0 && dest_nd == 0) {
            switch(elsize) {
            case sizeof(char):
                memset(dest, *src, copies);
            case sizeof(short):
                for(j=copies; j; --j, dest += sizeof(short))
                    *(short*)dest = *(short*)src;
            case sizeof(long):
                for(j=copies; j; --j, dest += sizeof(int))
                    *(int*)dest = *(int*)src;
            case sizeof(double):
                for(j=copies; j; --j, dest += sizeof(double))
                    *(double*)dest = *(double*)src;
                for(j=copies; j; --j, dest += elsize)
                    memcpy(dest, src, elsize);
            return 0;

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