[Numpy-discussion] CXX versions

pfenn at mmm.com pfenn at mmm.com
Thu Dec 21 14:52:03 CST 2000


I'm playing around with CXX because I'm going to be writing an extension in
the next few days.  I'm on WinNT running Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 with
service pack 3 installed.  Also, Python 2.0.  I've gotten all of CXX-5.0b
to compile, and I compiled the demo.  This required a slight edit of
cxx_extensions.cxx which was documented in the SourceForge buglist for CXX.
I was pleasantly surprised that VC++ was able to compile this code.
However, when I import CXX.example python crashes.  Is this a known
problem, is there a workaround, or should I try CXX-4.2 instead?  For some
reason, I am really adverse to writing another extension using C.

Tom Fenn

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