[Numpy-discussion] digest

Les Schaffer godzilla at netmeg.net
Wed Feb 9 14:47:34 CST 2000

just switched over from matrix-sig to numpy-discussion. in the process 
i changed to the digest version and got my first issue.

is it possible to distribute the digests properly formatted as
multipart/digests as per rfc822 and company?

having such a formatted digest makes it very easy when using an
emailer like VM in emacs: VM automatically displays the digest as a
virtual folder, allowing one to browse all the posts in a given digest
very quickly and easily. don't know whether the other (lacklusters)
emailers out there will handle it so nicely, but i don't think the
extra required markers will interfere with your reading of the digests
at all.

highly recommended. i'd be glad to work with whoever has control over
this to ensure that the proper markers get placed into the digests.

les schaffer

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