[Numpy-discussion] Re: [Matrix-SIG] An Experiment in code-cleanup.

Konrad Hinsen hinsen at cnrs-orleans.fr
Wed Feb 9 14:58:47 CST 2000

> > onto my FTP server if there is a need.
> Yes, I'd like to get a copy! You can simply e-mail it to me, if you'd
> prefer.

OK, coming soon...

> I'll have to look at this more carefully. Due to my relative lack of Python
> experience, I hacked the C code so that Fortran routines could be called
> instead, producing the expected results.

That's fine, you can simply replace the f2c-generated code by
Fortran-compiled code, as long as the calling conventions are the
same. I have used optimized BLAS as well on some machines.

> Where? Even in the latest f2c'd source code that I downloaded from
> SourceForge, I see all names written using the
> lower-case-trailing-underscore convention (e.g., dgeqrf_). The Intel MKL was

Sure, f2c generates the underscores. But the LAPACK interface code
(the one I'll send you, and also LAPACK Lite) supports both
conventions, controlled by the preprocessor symbol NO_APPEND_FORTRAN
(maybe not the most obvious name). On the other hand, there is
no support for uppercase names; that convention is not used in the
Unix world. But I suppose it could be added by machine transformation
of the code.

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