[Numpy-discussion] Hello

Hassan Aurag aurag at crm.umontreal.ca
Sat Jan 22 10:25:36 CST 2000


I have just seen with pleasure that numpy is on sourceforge. So 

I am maintaining and writing a generic mathematical session manager, 
in which I have a numpy session.

The project if you haven't noticed it is at 

Now, this done, I'd like to know if you will be making rpm/tar.gz 
releases available on your site always and preferably on the anonymous 
ftp site for latest release, like in:
ftp://numpy.sourceforge.net/latest/srpms ....

If yes, then I'd be happy to make the app go fetch the packages from 
that site or another instead of making the srpms myself (which means 
possible bugs!).

Thank you in advance.

H. Aurag
aurag at crm.umontreal.ca
aurag at users.sourceforge.net

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