[Numpy-discussion] New setup.py in numpy CVS

Paul F. Dubois dubois1 at llnl.gov
Thu Jul 6 08:59:17 CDT 2000

I checked in a new version of setup.py for Numerical that corresponds to
Distutils-0.9. This is a modification of the setup_numpy.py that Greg has in

This version REQUIRES the new Distutils. If you install Distutils into
1.6a2, remember (which I didn't at first) to go delete the distutils
directory in the Python library directory. If you don't you will get a
message while running setup informing you that your Distutils must be

This CVS version also separates out LAPACK/BLAS so that using the "lite"
version of the libraries supplied with numpy is now optional. A small
attempt is made to find the library or the user can edit setup.py to set the
locations if that fails.

I have not tested this on Windows and I would bet it needs help; we probably
won't cut a new Numerical release until this is resolved and Python 2.0 is
out so that the needed version of Distutils is standard. Suggestions for
improvements would be most welcome.


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