[Numpy-discussion] Re: Polynomial factorization?

Syrus Nemat-Nasser syrus at shiba.ucsd.edu
Mon Jul 17 21:15:27 CDT 2000

Hello Judah,

I accidentally deleted your original message, but found it again in the
Numerical list archives. I believe that there are free software packages
that would do what you need. For example, look at Maxima which is under
the GPL now (free'd version of Macsyma). If you are non-commercial, you
can get a free version of MuPad. Also, there are number theory packages
available that can probably do polynomial factorization. I suggest that
you look at the Scientific Applications for Linux page:


Note that a lot of the software there can also be run on other platforms
including both UNIX and Windows. You can even search for "polynomial
factorization" and get a number of hits.

Cheers. Syrus.


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