[Numpy-discussion] Polynomial factorization?

J. Milgram milgram at cgpp.com
Sun Jul 16 14:36:53 CDT 2000

Hi - I need to do prime factorization of some polynomials with integer
coefficients. It would seem the Berlekamp algorithm would be what I
want but I also admit to almost total ignorance on the subject. I'm
having trouble even understanding how the algorithm works so I'm
probably not the best person to be implementing it. But I may give it
a try.

Is anyone already working on a Python implementation of this? Or any
tips on how to proceed?  Pointers to other freeware solutions? I
prefer something that can be re-written in or modularized into Python
but even if not, that's no big deal.

The alternative is to purchase one of the symbolic algebra packages
like Maple or Mathematica etc.



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