[Numpy-discussion] Numpy / OpenEV / GDAL Integration

Frank Warmerdam warmerda at home.com
Wed Jul 19 17:50:36 CDT 2000


I just wanted to let you all know that I have made a first hack at integrating
Numpy with GDAL (my geospatial raster access library), with the purpose of 
integrating with OpenEV (a geospatial data viewing application).  The work is
still relatively preliminary, but might be of interest to some.

OpenEV and GDAL are raster orientated, and will only be of interest for those
working with 2D matrices and an interest in treating them as rasters.  A few
notes of interest. 

 o OpenEV and GDAL support a variety of data types.  Unlike most raster 
   packages they can support UnsignedInt8, Int16, Int32, Float32, Float64, 
   ComplexInt16, ComplexInt32, ComplexFloat32 and ComplexFloat64 data types.

 o OpenEV will scale for display, but will also show real underlying data
   It also includes special display modes for complex rasters to show phase, 
   magnitude, phase & magnitude, real and imaginary views of complex layers. 

 o GDAL can be used to save real, and complex data to TIFF (and a few other
   less well known formats), as well as loading various raster formats common
   in remote sensing and GIS.

The following is a minimal example of using GDAL and numpy together:
  from Numeric import *
  import gdalnumeric

  x = gdalnumeric.LoadFile( "/u/data/png/guy.png" )
  print x.shape

  x = 255.0 - x

  gdalnumeric.SaveArray( x, "out.tif", "GTiff" )

More information is available at:


Finally, a thanks to those who have developed and maintained Numeric Python. 
It is a great package, and I look forward to using it more. 

Best regards,
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