[Numpy-discussion] Package structure

Paul F. Dubois pauldubois at home.com
Sat Jun 3 08:36:54 CDT 2000

> Also in the case of a Numeric package which goes into the standard
> distribution should the other packages be integrated in the Numeric
> namespace or build under an external tree in the site-packages
> directory? I do not know the proposed scheme, is there something
> written down somewhere?
> __Janko
I didn't make a proposal; I was trying to gauge whether people would freak
at a change that required modification of existing scripts, or not.

My thoughts, however, were along the lines of two packages, Numeric and
MathPack. Then I would put a substructure under MathPack by subject area.

Already, however, we see ugliness on the horizon: the module RandomArray
imports both ranlib and a linear algebra package, so we have Package
Dependencies and all the glorious ugliness of real life. I'm sure we'd have
more in the future. There are competing packages for some things, such as
random numbers. Ugh, how to make this easy for a random scientist who drops

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