[Numpy-discussion] python FAQTS

Joe Van Andel vanandel at atd.ucar.edu
Thu Mar 2 09:21:40 CST 2000

I just started looking at the new Python Knowledge Base, maintained at

This looks like a nice simple way of maintaining FAQs and link
collections.  I've already registered, and started building links to
various packages that work with Numeric Python.  

Since sourceforge.net doesn't seem to offer these collaborative FAQ
building tools, I'd propose that we should add to the existing Numeric
Python FAQs, and expand the link collection that I've (just) started.

Could we add a link to the (Numeric) Python Knowledge Base to Numeric
Python's home on

Joe VanAndel  	          
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Internet: vanandel at ucar.edu

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