[Numpy-discussion] Documentation

Pablo Bleyer Kocik pbleyer at dgf.uchile.cl
Mon Mar 13 15:54:29 CST 2000

Paul Barrett wrote:

> I have a couple of question about the Numpy documentation:
> 1. Is there a recent version of the Numerical Python manual available
>    anywhere?  I can't find it at the SourceForge and I've tried
>    xfiles.llnl.org, but can't get through.  (But from what Paul Dubois
>    has said recently about the LLNL site, I shouldn't expect to
>    either.)
> 2. Have any changes been made to the documentation since about Q1
>    1999?  I think my current version dates from about this period.
>  -- Paul

    Who is maintaining the Python manual actually?

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from sys import*;from string import*;a=argv;[s,p,q]=filter(lambda x:x[:1]!=
'-',a);d='-d'in a;e,n=atol(p,16),atol(q,16);l=(len(q)+1)/2;o,inb=l-d,l-1+d
while s:s=stdin.read(inb);s and map(stdout.write,map(lambda i,b=pow(reduce(
lambda x,y:(x<<8L)+y,map(ord,s)),e,n):chr(b>>8*i&255),range(o-1,-1,-1)))

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