[Numpy-discussion] single precision version of interp

Joe Van Andel vanandel at atd.ucar.edu
Mon Mar 13 14:40:29 CST 2000

As I've previously mentioned to Paul, I need a single precision version
of 'interp()', so I can use it on large single precision arrays, without
returning a double precision array.

In my own copy of NumPy, I've written such a routine, and added it to
'arrayfns.c '.  Naturally, I want to see this functionality built into
the official release, so I do not have to apply my own patches to new

Can we decide how such single precision needs are accomodated?  Should
there be a keyword argument on the 'interp()' call, that calls the
single precision version?  Or should the caller invoke 'interpf()',
rather than 'interp()?'  

I don't much care what the solution looks like, as long as people agree
1) we need such functionality in NumPy.

2) we can establish a precedent on how single precision vs double
precision methods are invoked.

Please let me know your opinions on how this should be resolved.

Thanks much!

Joe VanAndel  	          
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Internet: vanandel at ucar.edu

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