[Numpy-discussion] Documentation

Janko Hauser jhauser at ifm.uni-kiel.de
Mon Mar 13 17:54:22 CST 2000

I'm currently build a reference for NumPy and some of the other
modules in the format of the standard python library reference. At the
moment this is more a personal effort to get an overview which
functions are there. I do not really write stuff myself, but bring
information of various sources together and reformat it.

Than I want to test some approaches to extract info for a function
from the HTML source at the interactive commandline. 

I see this not as a replacement for the excellent PDF documentation,
which has far more information and many examples. 

The standard latex documentation package for Python has currently a
bug with the index generation. If this is solved I will put a HTML
tree online, so it can be examined and criticized.

Yust for information,


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