[Numpy-discussion] del( distutils )

Charles G Waldman cgw at fnal.gov
Tue Mar 28 12:23:45 CST 2000

Les Schaffer writes:
 > let me say it politely, using distutils at this point is for the
 > birds.

Hmm, I'd hate to hear the impolite form!  ;-)

 > but for right now, i miss the Makefile stuff. 
 > an example:

 > (gustav)~/system/numpy/Numerical/: python setup.py build


 > /usr/include/python1.5/ufuncobject.h:100: previous declaration of `PyUFunc_FromFuncAndData'
 > Src/ufuncobject.c: In function `PyUFunc_FromFuncAndData':
 > Src/ufuncobject.c:805: structure has no member named `doc'
 > Src/ufuncobject.c: In function `ufunc_getattr':
 > Src/ufuncobject.c:955: structure has no member named `doc'
 > [blah blah blah]
 > if this was from running make, i could be inside xemacs and click on
 > the damn error and go right to the line in question. now, i gotta
 > horse around, its a waste of time.

No, you don't have to horse around!  Of course you can use xemacs and
compile mode.  (I wouldn't dream of building anything from an xterm
window!) Just do M-x compile and set the compilation command to
"python setup.py build", then you can click on the errors.  Or create
a trivial Makefile with these contents:

	python setup.py build


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