[Numpy-discussion] Volunteer sought for BLAS/LINPACK restructure

hinsen at dirac.cnrs-orleans.fr hinsen at dirac.cnrs-orleans.fr
Tue Mar 7 14:13:58 CST 2000

> We are seeking a volunteer developer for Numeric who will remove the current
> BLAS/LINPACK lite stuff in favor of linking to whatever the native version
> is on a particular machine. The current default is that you have to work

This should take several volunteers; nobody has access to all machine

> A truly excited volunteer would widen the amount of stuff that the interface
> can get to. They would work via the CVS tree; see

That is not necessary; a full BLAS/LAPACK interface has existed for
years, written by Doug Heisterkamp. In fact, the lapack_lite module
is simply a subset of it.

By some strange coincidence I have worked a bit on this just a few
days ago. I have added a compilation/installation script and
added thread support (such that LAPACK calls don't block other threads).
You can pick it up at
as a tar archive and as RPMs for (RedHat) Linux.

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