[Numpy-discussion] Volunteer sought for BLAS/LINPACK restructure

Michael Haggerty mhagger at blizzard.harvard.edu
Tue Mar 7 22:33:15 CST 2000


"Paul F. Dubois" <pauldubois at home.com> writes:
> We are seeking a volunteer developer for Numeric who will remove the
> current BLAS/LINPACK lite stuff in favor of linking to whatever the
> native version is on a particular machine.

I don't have much time to help out with the python interface, but I
have some (mostly) machine-translated C/C++ header files for LAPACK
that might be useful.  These files could be SWIGged as a starting
point for a python binding.

Even better, the perl (*yuck*) script that does the translation could
be modified to prototype input vs. output arrays differently (the
script determines which arrays are input vs. output from the comment
lines from the Fortran source).  Then SWIG typemaps could be written
that handle input/output correctly and much of the wrapping job would
be automated.  Of course all this won't help with row vs. column
storage format.  The header files and a translation script can be
obtained from


Unfortuantely I don't have the same thing for BLAS, mostly because the
comments in the BLAS Fortran files are less careful and consistent,
making machine interpretation more difficult.

Please let me know if you find these headers useful.


Michael Haggerty
mhagger at blizzard.harvard.edu

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