[Numpy-discussion] quadrature.py vs Multipack

peter.chang at nottingham.ac.uk peter.chang at nottingham.ac.uk
Thu Mar 23 09:37:07 CST 2000

On Wed, 22 Mar 2000, Jean-Bernard Addor wrote:

> Hey Numpy people!
> I have to integrate functions like:
> Int_0^1 (t*(t-1))**-(H/2) dt

This is a beta function with arguments (1-H/2,1-H/2) and is related to
gamma functions.

B(x,y) = Gamma(x)Gamma(y)/Gamma(x+y) 

> or
> Int_-1^1 1/abs(t)**(1-H) dt, with H around .3

This can be can done analytically

 = 2 Int_0^1 t**(H-1) dt

 = 2 [ t**(H)/H ]_0^1

 = 2/H

> I just tried quadrature on the 1st one: it needs very order of quadrature
> to be precise and is in that case slow.



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