[Numpy-discussion] Documentation?

Pablo Bleyer Kocik pbleyer at embedded.cl
Fri May 5 11:21:16 CDT 2000

Morten Kjeldgaard wrote:

> Hi,
> What's up with the NumPy documentation? It seems not to be in the CVS
> tree. The old documentation is still pretty incomplete IMHO. For example,
> one of the most important routines "matrixmultiply" is not documented. And
> the description of "indices" makes your head explode... :-)
> Also lacking is a description (examples) of how to add Ufuncs in an
> extension module.
> Are there any plans of distributing the manual in an editable format (TeX,
> DocBook...) instead of PDF?? That would make it easier for people to
> contribute.

    And I offered myself to contribute some months ago but nobody answered.

    ... I felt so tiny...
    ... Nobody heard me...
    ... Oh, cruel world!



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