[Numpy-discussion] Documentation?

Janko Hauser jhauser at ifm.uni-kiel.de
Fri May 5 13:25:04 CDT 2000

So, here is my attempt for an additional piece of NumPy
documentation. This is not finished, but before it never gets out the
door there is a little Zope magic, so others can give instant feedback
to the level of each function. I want to make this as complete as
possible in the sense of a function reference. This should not serve
as an introduction to NumPy in general, so please have a look and give
critiques. The zwiki will be up later this day or tomorrow, I want
first to fill in some ideas and discussion topics.
One problem is the authorship and license stuff, but I will put this
into the zwiki.

Have a look at


For corrections or additions there is a small button in the beginning
of each function definition, which gives a form for notes. This system
can be extended quite a bit, but my time is constraint at the moment. 

So this is my notice to the list, that I'm doing something :-)


PS: Please do not yet link this, as this is all not tested. Thanks!

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