[Numpy-discussion] LLNL distribution?

L. Busby busby at icf.llnl.gov
Mon May 8 17:33:19 CDT 2000

[ Johann Hibschman <johann at physics.berkeley.edu> asks ]
>Is there still a publically available LLNL distribution of NumPy?
>Or, more precisely, now that NumPy has been spun off as a separate
>project, where should I look for updates to the Gist module?  Is
>it still available?
>xfiles.llnl.gov doesn't seem to be there anymore...

The older versions of the LLNL distribution, including the Gist module,
continue to be available at ftp-icf.llnl.gov:/pub/python.

There haven't been any updates to Gist in well over a year.  We (Zane
Motteler and I) have zero local customers for it, and a multitude of
other programmatic responsibilities.  We realize that it would be nice
simply to dis-entangle Gist from the old distribution and make it
available as a separate Python package, perhaps using Distutils, or
not, or as an RPM, or as an SRPM, or as a Debian package.  There is no
time and no support for this activity.  If you the reader would like to
undertake the project, you have our blessing.

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