[Numpy-discussion] HTML/SGML docs

Hassan Aurag aurag at crm.umontreal.ca
Mon May 8 21:58:17 CDT 2000


I think I have asked this question a couple of thousand times, but are 
there plans to have HTML/SGML docs, or in other words, can we expect 
to have the source form of this beast.
I have reached the point where I know how to integrate a nice gtkhtml 
(gnome html in fact) widget ad browse html docs (HURRAY!). Now I'd 
like to us it for something. The nifty thing would be for me to have 
some kind of docbook thinggy. Which means a huge collection of html 
pages with automagic links to prev, next, up, home..... Then I'd show 
the contents in one window using a tree-like thing and the rest in 
another (a real html widget).
Thanks again

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