[Numpy-discussion] HTML/SGML docs

Hassan Aurag aurag
Tue May 9 10:37:29 CDT 2000

 I am looking at suggestions. I have already looked at another NumPy doc that 
looks like Python online docs.
  What I really would like to do is have:
  -A way of retrieving from a stable web page the TOC of documentation that I'd 
then put in a custom gnome-tree-like widget and when the user clicks on one item 
it'd open a link to online corresponding page.
  -An entry widget that'd have a search item that look in index of docs (online) 
and return all possible choices then when user chooses one show the 
corresponding page.
  -A bookmarking facility so that users can go back quickly to places they have 
  -The choice to download the whole .tar.gz thing to browse off-line.
  All of the above is easy to implement, and I have already started doing so 
with GMatH (http://gmath.sourceforge.net), provided there is a known stable 
place where to look for these docs.
  I already have a place to look for, but I forgot the address.
  All I need is some nifty .py thing that'd fetch the TOC, and index (from web 
site) and search through that index. I am not very good with urllib or httpblib, 
so any help is welcome.
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> The document source is Framemaker, which can produce HTML and PDF.
> It would be best to have an collaborative framework such as the Zope one
> recently announced, if it works well; I haven't tried that yet.
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> >  Hi,
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> > I think I have asked this question a couple of thousand times, but are
> > there plans to have HTML/SGML docs, or in other words, can we expect
> > to have the source form of this beast.
> > I have reached the point where I know how to integrate a nice gtkhtml
> > (gnome html in fact) widget ad browse html docs (HURRAY!). Now I'd
> > like to us it for something. The nifty thing would be for me to have
> > some kind of docbook thinggy. Which means a huge collection of html
> > pages with automagic links to prev, next, up, home..... Then I'd show
> > the contents in one window using a tree-like thing and the rest in
> > another (a real html widget).
> > Thanks again
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