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Thomas Shepard shepard2 at llnl.gov
Wed May 10 18:01:35 CDT 2000

>Thought you may like to see this.
>Do you know of any other users of the Gist module besides yourself?

Everyone who uses Yorick uses the gist package within Yorick, and there
are a lot of such people at LLNL and worldwide. Since some major new LLNL
production codes will be python based, I predict significant interest
in the Python Gist package.

Currently, I have heard that Marty Marinak uses the Python Gist package
within an LLNL python-based code. I haven't tried to do a survey, so there
may well be others. I intend to use it for my work, which would then
expose it to my co-workers and collaborators, many of whom already
use Yorick with its Gist interface.

Gist is a very efficient graphics package, due in part to being written
directly to Xlib rather than layered on top of some other interface, and
due also to the skill of Gist's author (Dave Munro). (It is also
very easy to write additional efficient graphics engines for Gist, as has
been done by Steve Langer for windows and macOS.)

Gist also has a very well designed interface (both "user friendly" and
efficient, an unusual combination) with features that were tailored
specifically to the needs of LLNL physicists.

In my opinion, it would be a tragedy if Gist were lost.

Regarding xfiles.llnl.gov, I am pretty sure that the server is now
behind the new LLNL firewall and therefore invisible to the outside
world. But it still exists. It would be a good idea to arrange for
these packages to be available somewhere where outsiders can get them.

>Lee Taylor
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>[ Johann Hibschman <johann at physics.berkeley.edu> asks ]
>>Is there still a publically available LLNL distribution of NumPy?
>>Or, more precisely, now that NumPy has been spun off as a separate
>>project, where should I look for updates to the Gist module?  Is
>>it still available?
>>xfiles.llnl.gov doesn't seem to be there anymore...
>The older versions of the LLNL distribution, including the Gist module,
>continue to be available at ftp-icf.llnl.gov:/pub/python.
>There haven't been any updates to Gist in well over a year.  We (Zane
>Motteler and I) have zero local customers for it, and a multitude of
>other programmatic responsibilities.  We realize that it would be nice
>simply to dis-entangle Gist from the old distribution and make it
>available as a separate Python package, perhaps using Distutils, or
>not, or as an RPM, or as an SRPM, or as a Debian package.  There is no
>time and no support for this activity.  If you the reader would like to
>undertake the project, you have our blessing.
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