[Numpy-discussion] LLNL distribution? (fwd)

Johann Hibschman johann at physics.berkeley.edu
Wed May 10 18:56:11 CDT 2000

Thomas Shepard writes:

>> Thought you may like to see this.
>> Do you know of any other users of the Gist module besides yourself?

> Everyone who uses Yorick uses the gist package within Yorick, and there
> are a lot of such people at LLNL and worldwide. Since some major new LLNL
> production codes will be python based, I predict significant interest
> in the Python Gist package.

I do wonder how many users of Yorick there are.  I am sure I'm the
only one in the Berkeley astronomy department, for example.

I will take a look at the Gist source, and see if I can understand it
well enough to support it.  I haven't used Gist all that much, but I
finally found a problem that I couldn't solve with the other graphics
packages I know, so I've started using it again.

> Regarding xfiles.llnl.gov, I am pretty sure that the server is now
> behind the new LLNL firewall and therefore invisible to the outside
> world. But it still exists. It would be a good idea to arrange for
> these packages to be available somewhere where outsiders can get them.

I found LLNLDistribution11 on the ftp-icf site, so I'm set for now.  I
could look into sourceforge as a distribution site.

Then again, I'd like to graduate by December, so I'm likely to be busy
on my own projects, stamping down gamma-rays and unruly pair plasmas,
without much time for purely programming work.  ;-)


Johann Hibschman                           johann at physics.berkeley.edu

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