[Numpy-discussion] using lapack and blas rpms

hinsen at dirac.cnrs-orleans.fr hinsen at dirac.cnrs-orleans.fr
Thu May 25 10:40:41 CDT 2000

> Please let me know if this is the wrong mailing list for this question:
> I'm running red hat linux 6.2 and have used rpms to install the numpy,
> lapack, and blas packages.  How do I get numpy to use the versions of lapack
> and blas I've installed?  Thanks.

You can't do it with the NumPy RPMs, which use the C versions.
So you must get the NumPy source code distribution and compile it
yourself. Before compiling it, edit the file "Setup" such that
the line starting with "lapack_lite" reads

lapack_lite -I./Include Src/lapack_litemodule.c -llapack -lblas -lg2c -lm

The compile and install according to the instructions.
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