[Numpy-discussion] Documentation?

Pablo Bleyer Kocik pbleyer at embedded.cl
Fri May 5 14:40:25 CDT 2000

Janko Hauser wrote:

> So, here is my attempt for an additional piece of NumPy
> documentation. This is not finished, but before it never gets out the
> door there is a little Zope magic, so others can give instant feedback
> to the level of each function.

    Really nice... and modern ;^)

> I want to make this as complete as
> possible in the sense of a function reference. This should not serve
> as an introduction to NumPy in general, so please have a look and give
> critiques.

    I added an issue but the "Numeric" page it crashed...

Zope has encountered an error while publishing this resource.

      Error Type: TypeError
      Error Value: object can't be converted to int

> So this is my notice to the list, that I'm doing something :-)


> HTH,
> __Janko

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