[Numpy-discussion] LLNL distribution? (fwd)

Lee Taylor taylor at rhino.llnl.gov
Wed May 10 19:29:55 CDT 2000

On 10 May 2000, Johann Hibschman wrote:

> I will take a look at the Gist source, and see if I can understand it
> well enough to support it.  I haven't used Gist all that much, but I
> finally found a problem that I couldn't solve with the other graphics
> packages I know, so I've started using it again.
> I found LLNLDistribution11 on the ftp-icf site, so I'm set for now.  I
> could look into sourceforge as a distribution site.

I believe that the support of Gist is not in question, only the python
interface to Gist. The individual (Zane Mottler) who wrote the
interface is retiring in 2 months and still has 6 months of work left.
That prompted the 'no official support' comment. If there are users here
at LLNL (and there are at least a few), I'm sure we could find some
support for them.

Lee Taylor

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