[Numpy-discussion] New development tree now on SourceForge.

Travis Oliphant Oliphant.Travis at mayo.edu
Fri May 26 17:33:28 CDT 2000

As I have received several encouraging emails of interested people, 

I'm excited to announce the availability of an experimental Numerical
Python revision on the NumPy SourceForge site.  

I've placed it under the directoryname numpy2  (checkout that directory
according to the CVS instructions). 

It is NOT COMPLETED yet, so only people interested in a particular view of
a future arrayobject or who want to help fashion that view should check it


It builds on the current NumPy.  Operations should not change on the
Python level.  Important new operations will be added.  C-API is changed
but support for backward-near-compatibility is desired and sought after.
Only an NDArray class and a Ufunc class along with standard operations on
them is set for inclusion in the new development.  Other components will
be added modules.  


This is a Python class with C-calls placed for speed of certain
operations.  It is built around a data object which can be any Python
object exporting a buffer interface (including a buffer object) and a
dimensions/strides object which is also relies on the buffer interface.  

A C-API gives C-users access to the pointers for this information for any
subclass of NDArray.  


This is a Python class that encapsulates the N-D looping structure with
the broadcasting rules.  It will allow wrapping of fast C functions as
well as Python functions.  It basically consists of two attributes:  a
select function (for type coercion and specification) and a compute
function that does the actual computation. 

Comments and feedback (and especially code) are welcomed.   


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