[Numpy-discussion] PyArray_Check problem.

Chris Barker cbarker at jps.net
Wed Oct 18 19:15:40 CDT 2000

I have been working on my first C extension, using NumPy arrays, and
have run into a problem.

I have a very mysterious set of bugs, that result in a segmentation
fault and core dump. Frankly it's still mysterious, but at the moment
the problem seems to be that I have passed in a list of tuples, rather
than a list of PyArrayObjects. I don't expect this to work, but when I
put a :

site = PyList_GetItem(spam_list, index);

if (! PyArray_Check(spam)) result = 0;

I shouldn't get a crash!! (and it does crash at this line, as near as I
can tell)
Isn't that exactly what PyArray_Check is for??


spam = PyList_GetItem(spam_list, index);

I get a "warning: assignment from incompatible pointer type "

which goes away if I typecast it:

spam =  (PyArrayObject *) PyList_GetItem(spam_list, index);

Should I be doing this, and should PyArray_Check(spam) work either way?

I'm using Redhat Linux 6.1, Python 1.5.2, and

Also: is there a compelling reason to upgrade either Python of NumPy,
from the NumPy perspective? How are NumPy and 2.0 working together?



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