[Numpy-discussion] Possible bug in LinearAlgebra module

hinsen at dirac.cnrs-orleans.fr hinsen at dirac.cnrs-orleans.fr
Fri Oct 13 09:11:03 CDT 2000

> This may or may not be related, but there are definitely problems with
> arrays of complex numbers sometimes being unneccessarily promoted to
> type "Object" - for example:

Interesting. I have been fighting against a strangely
version-dependent bug in which similar unwanted promotions to Object
arrays occur when ufuncs are called, and now I wonder if there is any
relation. I have tried a few times to track this down, but the code is
so, well, complicated that I never get far enough before I run out of

> And we also know that there are a lot of problems with arrays of
> type "Object".  So it's possible that somehow your Complex array is
> getting promoted to "Object" and running against a problem there.

LinearAlgebra certainly doesn't (and won't) work for Object arrays;
it can handle only the data types supported by LAPACK.

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