[Numpy-discussion] COM/Numeric incompatibility

Konrad Hinsen hinsen at cnrs-orleans.fr
Mon Oct 23 11:09:41 CDT 2000

> (Addendum -- Mark Hammond suggests this may be a threading issue --
> OpenDatabase() apparently causes Python threads to be initialized.
> Does NumPy or lapack lite use threads for anything?)


> The problem is that the statement 'print linear_...' never completes.
> I step through in the debugger under pythonwin, & the lapack routine
> called by linear_least_squares() never returns.
> If I remove the statement 'db = engine...' it completes normally.
> If I make a call to linear_least_squares() *before* the database
> stuff, the later call to linear_least_squares() works properly.

I don't know how dynamic libraries work under Windows, but I could
imagine that your database modules uses a symbol which is also used in
Linpack or the Linpack/Python interface. There ought to be tools to
verify this.

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