[Numpy-discussion] Questions about organization

Tony Seward anthony.seward at ieee.org
Sun Jan 21 16:38:11 CST 2001

On Sun, 21 Jan 2001, John J. Lee wrote:

> On Sat, 20 Jan 2001, Tony Seward wrote:
> > I've been trying to get the setup.py scripts in the Numeric distribution to
> > build binary distributions.  I have tried several things but what always
> > ends up being a problem is the current Numeric organization, specifically
> > LALITE and RANLIB.  They just don't fit well with the distutils paradigm.
> >
> > If they were packaged as part of the Numeric core but were a build-time
> > option, I think that I could get things to work much more easily.  The
> [...]
> Can't you just edit the list of extensions in setup_all.py?
> Or has that changed?
> John

I'm not sure what you mean.  Even './setup_all.py build' doen't work for

Right now one has to have already installed the headers from the core of
Numeric in order to even build these modules.  The sequence is thus

1) get source
2) install the core
3) build or install the submodules

As is stands, even if the Numeric core is already installed, it is not
possible to make a binary distribution of the LALITE package (and maybe
others).  This could be fixed easily of the LALITE package, but I havn't
looked to see if there are other problems with the other packages.  The
purpose of distutils is that the sequence for a given distribution is

1) get the source
2) build, or install, or build a binary distribution and you're done

This can't be done with the way that things are organized right now.  There
are probably several ways to deal with this, but first a decision needs to
be made as to what the goals are.  As I understand it the goals are

1) keep all of the current packages in the distribution
2) the following imports will work individually or together:
   a) import Numeric
   b) import FFT
   c) import LinearAlgebra
   d) import MLab
   e) import Matrix
   f) import Precision
   g) import RandomArray
   h) import UserArray
   i) import ranlib
   j) import umath
   k) import RNG
   l) import MA
3) minimal changes in the source

I just need some direction so that I can get things working.  I think that
the simplest thing is to merge the RANLIB and LALITE packages with the core
of Numeric and make the building and installation of them an option.  This
fits beter with the paradigm of distutils.


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