[Numpy-discussion] numpy.org redirection

Paul F. Dubois paul at pfdubois.com
Tue Jan 23 10:56:31 CST 2001

This is very generous of you. I don't want to own the domain. I'm not even
sure as a govt employee if you could give it to me. The new Python
Foundation, when it is up and running, would be appropriate. For now, I
suggest you just leave it as is.
I don't understand your remark about "real hosting". numpy.sourceforge.net
really is at sourceforge (? guess it is obvious I'm not familiar with this

Both pages have pointers to each other. So technically it is a wash.
People looking for docs need to be on one, for releases on the other.

My guess is that the link on the project page back to the home page is a
little more confusing for a newbie than the clearly spelled-out link on the
home page to the project page. When I first used SF I thought "Home" would
be the project page. So my guess is that numpy.sourceforge.net would be
best. The operative word is "guess".

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some time ago I registered the domain numpy.org with the intention of
donating it to the group

just thought about it again today, and realized I could easily redirect it,
so my question is:

o does anyone object to my doing that?
o where should it point, here?


  or here?


if someone feels strongly that I should transfer ownership of the domain to
someone more central to development, etc., I'll be happy to do that -
otherwise I'm happy just redirecting and renewing it as it comes up, or at
some point setting up real hosting of the domain somewhere (sourceforge?)

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